About the Innovation ToolKit

The Regional Innovation Fund supported the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust to develop an Innovation Toolkit to assist NHS Trusts across the North West Coast Academic Health Science Network to better develop an innovative culture within their organisation.

This project was conceived as a result of an Innovation Workshop held by The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with the North West Coast Academic Health Science Network, to which innovation leads, R&D managers and clinicians from across the North West were invited. Many individuals at that workshop indicated that they were keen to support innovation, but were unsure how best to start. This initiative aimed to assist Innovation Managers to embed innovation as core business in their organisation, enabling them to provide frontline staff with the skills to understand the relevance of innovation and how they can play a vital role in identifying or championing bright ideas, developed internally or imported from elsewhere, that result in tangible benefits for patients.

The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust has worked with 2Bio Ltd and Our Life to develop and test this Innovation Toolkit that will enable NHS Trusts to embed innovation as core trust business and support trusts in delivering against innovation objectives. The Innovation Toolkit that has been developed has been tested by a number of NHS Trusts to establish that the ToolKit is suitable for use across a range of healthcare settings including acutes trusts and community trusts.

This Innovation ToolKit is intended to be rolled out across the North West Academic Health Science Network.

In developing this Innovation ToolKit the project team initially sought to determine what Tools should be prioritised for development by performing a brief survey of a small panel of Trusts designed to understand how ‘Innovation Ready’ NHS organisations are in the local area, and how well equipped they are to manage, support and promote an innovative culture. The survey was pitched towards Innovation Managers within Trusts who are responsible for engaging with and delivering support to innovators within their organisation. The Innovation Managers were asked questions regarding their perception of the innovation culture within their organisation, and to determine what tools they currently have available to them. Following this survey, the findings were shared with these Trusts and a menu of potential Tools presented for discussion. This final ToolKit has been developed as a consequence of those discussions.

A copy of the Survey Results can be accessed HERE.